Champion David Valero's recovery routine with Lurbel

Champion David Valero's recovery routine with Lurbel

High-performance athletes know that proper physical recovery is just as important (if not more so) as good training. David Valero, current Spanish Mountain Bike XCO champion, reveals how he manages this important part of his daily routine with the Lurbel Recovery compression garment collection.

What is your recovery routine after a hard day of training or competing?

After training, I always use the Recovery compression socks, while I eat and relax. After eating and resting a little I usually switch to the Response tights as the compression is more general across the whole leg and helps me to improve blood flow in my legs.

 Within this routine, why does wearing the right clothes matter?

Recovery is very important to me, especially so that I am able to work the next day so it also makes it easier to keep working day after day.

Why do you like they compression garments for recovery?

Well, I think that they are very important garments because you can start to recover straight after finishing your activity. Since you can wear them while you prepare a meal or while you rest they help me to fast forward my recovery.

When do you wear the Lurbel Recovery collection?

I wear them after training and when I travel because they help you reach your destination with your legs well-supported and not swollen, which for me is very important so I always travel with a compression sock. It helps you to better acclimatise to the trip.

How do you feel after using it?

The Flow compression t-shirt relaxes my torso a lot especially after the gym, the Response compression tights are a perfect day to day garment especially in the evenings, because they help you to recover better. As far as the Potenza compression shorts are concerned, I wear them during core activities and during preseason I will wear them for my hiking training.

When it comes to Recovery compression socks, they are the garment I wear the most on long trips and day to day when I have to go out to an event and want to give my leg more support and the Biker compression socks are very practical for when you go for a walk in the afternoon.

How long have you been using them?

I've been using these garments for 2 months now and I'm noticing that they make my recovery easier.

What is the quality that stands out the most to you?

The level of compression is perfect so that they don’t restrict the blood flow to your legs too much which is a very noticeable benefit when the time comes to recover. You also notice how well they act as vasodilators when you take them off.

If you could only keep one garment, which one would you keep?

Although it's hard to choose, I'd keep the Response compression tights. They are one of the garments that surprised me the most because of their great performance.

Would you recommend the Lurbel Recovery collection? Why?

Without a doubt, I am very surprised, because of the quality and how much the collection has benefited me. You can see that Lurbel is always innovating.